Russian authorities have acknowledged the use of chemical weapons in Syria by the Assad regime


According to Damascus and Moscow, all incidents involving the use of chemical weapons in Syria are either pure fiction or the work of anti-government forces. However, in this silent defense of information and propaganda, there are serious shortcomings. One of them is the book "The Syrian Frontier", whose preface and afterword were written by members of the Russian government. In the book they recommended to read, it was stated that weapons of mass destruction in Syria are used by "both parties".

And then Russia took a critical view of the actions of the Syrian authorities. "As for Syria, we are not lawyers for Bashar Assad's regime," Russian Ambassador to the UN Vitaly Churkin said on 4 October. - We unequivocally consider the continuation of violence unacceptable. We condemn the repression of demonstrations by peaceful protesters. "We are constantly urging the Syrian authorities to immediately stop the violence against peaceful protesters," Sergei Lavrov told his subordinate in December of the same year.In the meantime, the demands of the protesters were qualified by the minister as "absolutely fair ":" The reforms are late and even canceled ... The people want democratic changes ".